Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ducati Dream Tour

Ducati Dream Tour

An unforgettable weekend

Fulfil the dream of a weekend riding the world's most beautiful bikes on a journey of discovery through the places where they were born.

 With the Ducati Dream Tour you can spend three unforgettable days riding the world's most beautiful and high-performing sports bikes through the Emilian hills where they were conceived, and visiting the factory where they were born.

 The tour starts on Friday with a visit to the Ducati Museum and factory and, after you collect your Ducati, continues with a voyage of discovery through the Emilian Apennines.

 On a thrilling trip through the twists and turns, you can immerse yourself in your surroundings and the typical Italian countryside where you need only worry about enjoying yourself. Two professional test riders will accompany you along the route, specially designed to offer you the best of the Emilia region and the Ducati that you will ride, while a support truck following behind will transport your bags.

 To make this experience even more authentic, you will spend the night at the fantastic Palazzo di Varignana Resort, deep in the heart of the green hills. Fall in love with the traditional wines and foods of this fascinating region and with the sensational spa located within the resort.

 The weekend will conclude on Sunday afternoon when you will return the bike to Ducati's HQ

Thursday, December 25, 2014


2015 DUCATI MONSTER 821 – FIRST RIDEA Monster 1200 fitted with the 821cc Testastretta engine. No baloney!

Ducati Monster 821 action shot
Spare a thought for the long-suffering souls in Ducati’s PR department whose job it is to dream up clever ideas for the many new model launches. Especially when the new model in question isn’t so much new as an addition to an existing family.
And so the tagline for the launch of the 2015 Monster 821 was “Ducati is Bologna.” Which, depending on how you pronounce it, is what rival bike owners (and makers) have been saying all along! But in this case it’s not baloney, but Bologna—a.k.a. Ducati’s hometown, as the factory is located in a suburb called Borgo Panigale. That’s where the name of their latest top-shelf superbike comes from.
Ducati made a big deal out of this association, too, with a welcome speech by the mayor followed by a ride to dinner. This was a bit of a first, as there was a cocktail reception without any cocktails and dinner without any wine—unheard of in Italy! But we got to go on a police-escorted tour of the city and dine in the old mayor’s residence in the city center, parking all 40 of our blood-red bikes in a line and stopping traffic in all directions. It wasn’t quite as grand an affair as when Ducati took over the square to celebrate Casey Stoner’s 2007 MotoGP World Championship, but it was a privilege to be part of nonetheless. When it comes to hosting parties, Ducati does it right.
Ducati Monster 821 launch party scene
They do a pretty good job making motorcycles, too, as we discovered the following day when we headed into the Apennine Mountains south of Bologna for a test ride.
At its essence, this latest Monster is the 1200 fitted with the 821cc Testastretta 11ยบ engine from the 2014 Hypermotard. But there’s more to it than that. For starters, there’s a more efficient exhaust system that boosts horsepower by 2 to a claimed 112. And the 1200′s sexy single-sided swingarm was replaced by a double-sided setup in the interest of cost. That change entailed a different rear wheel, shod with a Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tire in a new 180/60 size derived from World Supersport racing.
Like the 1200, the 821 boasts three ride modes, each of which tailors settings for the ride-by-wire throttle, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. Living up to their billing, Urban mode (which reduces power to just 75 hp) did in fact work very well in city traffic, while Touring was wonderful on wet mountain roads. And Sport was even better yet when those roads dried out. Those who remember when the Ducati 851 was a fire-breathing Superbike will have a hard time thinking of the 821 as an “entry-level” machine, but between the variable ride modes and the low, adjustable seat, it actually fits the bill.
2015 Ducati Monster 821 studio 3/4 view
Perhaps the most pleasant surprise: The liquid-cooled, four-valve-per-cylinder, dohc engine proved every bit as flexible as the air-cooled, two-valve, sohc lump it replaces. It’s also much smoother, and mechanically quieter, though how the raucous exhaust passes noise standards is anyone’s guess. Its rapid-fire staccato idle is reminiscent of a top-fuel dragster, and it sounds even more glorious under deceleration. Another pleasant surprise is the six-speed gearbox, which in conjunction with the cable-actuated wet slipper clutch shifts better than any Ducati in recent memory.
Handling is no less praiseworthy, as the bike steers perfectly neutral and flicks from edge to edge with little effort. The Brembo Monobloc four-piston radial front brakes are exemplary, with excellent feel and stopping power. The only fly in the ointment is the non-adjustable 43mm fork, which provides excellent feedback from the front tire but deflects over bumps. Chalk that up to cost as well.
We only have three real complaints. First, heat radiating off the right-side exhaust headers bakes your thigh and calf at a standstill. Second, the passenger footpeg brackets force your heels out at an awkward angle if you try to ride on the balls of your feet. And third, the rubber-covered footpegs are slippery when wet.
Those nits aside, the 821 is a winner. The Italian engineers have done a fine job of producing a modern mid-size Monster that possesses all the qualities of its forebears while meeting tough Euro 3 emissions standards.
No baloney.

Ducati Scrambler Resmi Launching, Made in Thailand

Bro sekalian, akhirnya setelah beberapa bulan yang lalu terus intents disuarakan dalam beberapa teaser, Ducati akhirnya merilis secara Resmi Ducati Scrambler . . . Sebuah MotorRetro-Roadster yang dilabeli sebuah Brand yang kuat aroma sportnya. Ducati Scrambler menurut informasi yang tmcblog terima dibekali dengan mesin 803 cc V Twin dengan pendingin udara dengan ukuran Piston 88 x 66 mm. Mesin ini bisa menghasilkan power maksimum 75 hp @7000 rpm debfab torsi maksimum 50 lb ft  . . . lumayan lah buat roadster jalanan , mirip mirip sama output mesin ER6 yah ? . .  pantesan bejaban waktu pembaca sempat kejar kejaran sama test ridernya.
Mesin, power dan torsi bukanlah fokus utama di Scrambler ini, Seluruh Keindahan ala Retro-bike ala Era Vintage lah yang menjadi fokus utama state of the art Ducati terakhir ini. Tangki bbm teardrop shape dengan posisi yang rendah, ditambah finishing alumunium di setiap sisi sampingnya , handlebar tinggi dengan seat height hanya 30,3 inchi . . . sepertinya sangat friendly dengan rider asia yang rata rata nggak setinggi rider eropa nih. namun bobotnya sih lumayan nih 410 pon ( 200-an kg )
walaupun Retrobike, Scrambler juga dibenamkan dengan beberapa detail yang beraura modern yakni hadirnya Lampu LED yang membentuk angle eye di headlamp. Aroma Modern juga diperoleh di panel meter LCD . . . namun agar masih terasa aura retronya walaupun LCD, tapi tidak berwarna alias monochrome
Motor ini tetap menggunakan signatur Ducati yakni Sasis teralis, namun tidak terlalu terekspose dengan vulgar jalinan teralisnya . . . lebih simpel dibanding ducati Monster series. DI sektor belakang swing arm casting alumunium yang hubungkan dengan sasis melalui jalinan suspensi kayaba yang berada di sisi samping kiri, mirip panigale secara posisi
Mengenai Roda, Ducati tetap mengedepankan aura Scrambler dengan pemasangan ban dirt Track dengan ukuran 18 inchi, namun untuk Versi specialnya Urban Enduro (green), Full Throttle (black) and Classic (orange) ban yang digunakan adalah ukuran  120/70/18 di depan dan 180/55/17 di belakang dengan merk Pirelli. Pengereman motor bermesin 800-an cc ini juga diperhatikan  . . . Brembo 4 piston di depan dan satu piston dibelakang plus Standar ABS . . .

Aslinya Motor ini didesain di Pusat RnD Ducati Italy, namun untuk mengurangi biaya produksi, Plant Ducati Di Thailandlah yang ditunjuk untuk memproduksi massal . . . Indonesia kebagian? disinyalir Kuat ya, namun Ducati Indonesia belum memberikankonfirmasi , di eropa sendiri pengiriman baru dilakukan awal tahun 2015 nanti . . . silahkan dikunyah kunyah dan semoga berguna
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Ducati Scrambler ICON
Ducati Scrambler in Detail