Sunday, March 24, 2013

Range Rover Highland GTC

The Range Rover dynasty has a new heir. The 2013 five door SUV Estate. Merdad Collection believe that the Coupe version of this type should have also been on offer, just like the very first Range Rover built in 1971. Thus we have gone back to our drawing board to do just that.

We call it the Range Rover Highland GTC. This will be our most luxurious and powerful coupe yet. Coupe cars are about style and performance, of which this car is a great candidate for their work, Merdad says. The Highland GTC will combine this spirit with supreme luxury.
Merdad himself declares this to be his most treasured project yet; "when you can't wait to wake up in the morning to drive your car, it is a good indicator of how special your car is."  His father owned a 1979 original Range Rover 2 door for 22 years. 

With Merdad cars increasingly replacing the standard as a means of self-expression, we are learning those demands of customers who settle for nothing but the best.

Our Porsche Cayenne Coupe was a world's first; an unprecedented supercar with unparalleled performance and quality.
By adding dramatic and beautiful design along with high performance, the all-new 2013 Merdad Coupe is a fitting follow-up to our Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe, launched in 2010.
Merdad adds, ‘Our involvement in the Porsche Cayenne Coupe project gave us invaluable knowledge through research and development, which we are now applying to the Range Rover Highland GTC, to deliver a perfect supercar, inside and out’.   

We have released official pictures and specs of the new package with prices for the 2 and 4 door versions. The most noticeable change to this vehicle is the new larger doors, a complete overhaul of the interior, and an aerodynamic body kit. You will only love what it is going to be done.

The wheel arches, similarly styled to our Cayenne Coupe, are extend by 92mm overall in width, this further emphasises the front and rear axles. This flows in with an extended series of side-skirt running panels, and twin air-vents to give the Merdad SUV flair. There will also be a full carbon rear bumper, diffuser and tailpipe deflectors, along with an extended roof spoiler and a smaller spoiler below the tailgate. The interior will be as equally remarkable, which will include 4 sports seats or luxury seats.

Additionally, we have implemented a sport suspension module, which will bring the SUV 40mm closer to the ground, while the Range Rover's 5.0-litre V8 power has been increased from 510, to 700 Bhp. We will also include bigger front and rear sport brakes to accustom the dramatic engine upgrade, Merdad's specialised custom exhaust system and your choice of 22" or 23" Merdad design wheels.

The Merdad Range Rover Coupe comes in four versions:

1- Range Rover 3.0 Litre: $209,000
2- HSE 4.4 Litre: $228,000
3- Supercharged 5.0L: $239,000
4- 700 GTC Range Rover Coupe Racing 4 Seater: $485.000

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