Friday, March 22, 2013

'My wide trousers for a car!'

Jensen Centre of Excellence, Cropredy Bridge welcomes its own Seventies’ hero

Meet Spencer Haze, Jensen FF owner, dealer and fixer, back from 1973’s deep freeze

Renown consumer journalist, TV broadcaster and artist James Ruppert (Bangernomics, Autocar, The Independent, London Evening Standard) teams up with Jensen Centre of Excellence, Cropredy Bridge, to unleash the only automotive-focused, time-travelling, cartoon character ‘Spencer Haze’: real, ordinary hero Spencer Haze drives a fast Jensen FF, fights crime, enjoys adventures in a uniquely 1970s style, and of course lets Cropredy Bridge take care of his Jensen.

Ruppert’s alternative to Sweeney’s Jack Regan has taste: perhaps Spencer’s own Jensen FF is one of the four FFs (the all-wheel-drive version of the famous Interceptor) currently at Cropredy Bridge’s workshops being serviced, maintained or undergoing full restoration.
With only 320 FFs ever built during a five-year period (1966-1971) and allowing for the inevitable losses over the years, to find four of them at Cropredy Bridge is testament of the UK restoration centre’s main role in preserving, protecting and contributing to the British marque’s everlasting allure.         

Spencer Haze’s appetite for life and fast cars is reflected in a series of Cropredy Bridge-inspired cartoons featuring in all of Cropredy Bridge’s advertising and promotional material.

Wholly-owned by Gama Cars Limited since 2011, the Oxfordshire-based Jensen restoration and car sale centre has been carrying out mechanical, bodywork, servicing and restoration work for over forty years; a modern version of classic Interceptors has also been built at Cropredy Bridge.   


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